Do you remember your first day of school? How about what you had for dinner yesterday? Chances are, your memory is fuzzy about both. But it’s probably not because you’re using CBD regularly. In fact, the truth may be quite the opposite. 

What is CBD? 

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a substance derived from the cannabis plant and used for numerous purposes. Unlike THC, which is also derived from cannabis, CBD does not get you high. Thus, it offers the same great health benefits as cannabis without all the upsetting (and sometimes illegal) side effects. 

Understanding the connection between memory loss and CBD 

As modern science has proven, memory loss is a natural part of life. It generally happens with age but can also be the result of overwhelming stress or trauma. Either way, becoming forgetful is an unpleasant experience that usually requires intensive treatment. 

Thanks to advancements in our understanding of CBD, studies have now shown that the substance can actually protect the neuroreceptors in your brain that are responsible for memory and recollection. However, opposite results were found when people used THC in the same way. 

Memory loss and CBD are, therefore, linked in a surprising way. The Journal of Psychopharmacology reported exciting findings recently, citing how just 600mg of CBD could significantly increase blood flow to the brain. Thus, those who use it for cognitive therapy are more likely to experience positive results than those who don’t. 

Studies suggest that regular cannabis users, especially those who self-medicate with CBD, are better equipped to handle stress and manage addictive tendencies. They also show improved short-term memory, fewer mental illnesses, and increased hippocampus grey matter density.   

Tips for using CBD for memory and concentration 

Remember, THC may present the opposite effects because of its unique interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Therefore, it’s important to choose CBD products with little to no THC in them. In fact, many states disallow sales otherwise. So, know your local laws and always check the labels before you buy. 

Also, don’t forget to start with small doses because everyone reacts differently. If you’re unsure about how the connection between memory loss and CBD affects you, talk to a medical doctor or cannabis budtender for more information. 

The conclusion 

CBD may be an excellent natural source of neuropathic protection that could improve your long-term memory while boosting concentration and cognitive awareness.

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